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Service Overview

Our relationships begin with learning a client’s financial situation, concerns, goals, and what he or she values in life.

We always start with a plan:  where you are and where you want to go.  Your goals, situation and tolerance of investment risks will drive investment strategies.  We implement and regularly monitor the investment strategies. We modify those strategies to reflect our clients’ life changes and when new ideas can improve the investment mix.

Through the financial plan, we help our clients prioritize what is important and show them how it all fits together. We work with our clients’ attorneys and accountants. When appropriate, we propose solutions and introduce you to our trusted professionals. We update the plan for life changes such as job changes, retirement, health issues, additional education, kids, and changing families. This approach places our clients at the very center of our solutions.

Throughout our core services, clients find comfort in our extensive knowledge of many different financial areas. They appreciate the time we take to get to know their values, goals, and concerns and to map out their finances in a plan. Clients like the way we communicate with them and the personal touch we provide. All of this helps our clients avoid mistakes and improve their lives in significant, tangible ways.

Prior to establishing an advisory relationship, we offer an extensive portfolio review and can prepare a detailed financial plan.